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I have been a forex trader  for about 12 years. My main strategies deal with hedging, triangular arbitrage, and grid trading.  As a U.S. resident it is hard to find overseas brokers that accept American clients, which led me to the idea to open a website to help others find the same things that I usually search for and put them all in one place. Most of my information on here is cut and dry, as I believe the facts and logic are more important than opinions, I often get aggravated when I search forums and people arrogantly say stuff or mislead people because of their lack of knowledge, I read one forum where someone said,  why would you need a broker that allows hedging,  you can't make profit buying and selling at the same time, but what they don't understand is the complexities of timing, grid trading, and the correlation of hedging multiple currencies. I make a profit every day  hedge trading. 

I sincerely hope all the tools and access on this site will lead you to prosperous and successful forex trading.

I do make an affiliation commission on some products, but most of the stuff on here I do not. My goal is to make  All forex information transparent and accessible within a few clicks,  I am constantly researching the web for new ideas and concepts and will add them here when I find them. If you have a question or a positive idea to add to this site, please get in contact with me.  I will be happy to help in any way I can.

Aaron Leister

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