Grid Trading EA's

Grid Trading EA's with user adjusted parameters, For Use on MT4 platforms with demo or live accounts. Back-testing compatible.

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  • There is  no limit to the amount of levels that EA 5 can go , unless a Stop Loss , Take Profit or Some other closing measure is hit.
  • To have set any parameter to off,  Leave it at 0.
  • The  Blue  Dashboard can be on or off.
  • If Allow New Basket is set to false, press the start button manually to start the EA
  • Magic Number: A Unique Identifier, make sure to change it to a different number if you have 2 or more Expert Advisors on the same broker.
  • Allow new basket:  If turned to true when the EA Liquidates all positions, it will start again with the current parameters. If turned to false When the EA Liquidates, It will stop until the Red Start trading button is pressed manually.
  • Start Mode: If start immediately is enabled then the EA starts right away. If turned to x pips up or down, then it starts that amount of pips away from the price point of where the EA is set on the chart .
  • Restart Immediately After Closure: If turned to true it will start right away. If turned to false it will start x pips away from the closure point.
  • Start Distance Pips: The Amount of pips from the Point of where EA is placed on chart, to the point you want the EA to start.
  • Hours: If true, then Max Basket Duration Hours is turned on.
  • Max Basket Duration Hours: All positions Liquidated X Amount of Hours from the start time.
  • Minutes: If true, then Max Basket Duration Minutes is turned on. Note that it must be either hours true or minutes true. Do not put both on true.
  • Max Basket Duration Minutes: All positions Liquidated X Amount of Minutes from the start time.
  • Lot Size: Unit Size
  • Gap Size Pips: The size of the gap, in pips, between grids.
  • Equity Target. If the profit of the EA is in X amount of base account currency, then all positions are liquidated.
  • MaxDd: If the loss is in X amount of base account currency, all positions are liquidated.
  • Equity Max  and EquityDD are a lot like Equity Target and MaxDd with the exception, that Equity Max and EquityDD, account for the overall account equity, instead of MaxDd and Equity Target, account for the individual EA. It is recommended that if using Equity Max and EquityDD to turn the other two to zeros, and Vise Versa.
  • Grid SLTP: If true, then every order that is placed, will have a Stop Loss And Take Profit.
  • Take Profit: If GridSLTP is true this will be the amount of TP that every order will have.
  • Stop Loss: If GridSLTP is true this will be the amount of SL that every order will have.
  • BuyAbove: Buys above start price only
  • SellAbove: Sells below start price only
  • SellBelow: Sells below start price only
  • BuyBelow: Buys below start price only
  • Max Trades Open: The amount of trades that will open
  • Stop Loss Pip From Start: This is the over all Stop Loss / Take Profit. It will engage X amount of pips from start price, at this point all positions will be closed.
  • Use Money Management: A percentage of account equity to determine the lot size of each order.
  • Risk Percentage: A percentage of Account Equity, it can be set as a fraction, like .01.
  • Risk Percentage Variable:  This will multiply the risk percentage to a higher or less number ( I recommend Using Risk percentage on a demo account first, to get acclimated with how the Risk Percentage and Stop Loss Risk,  affect each other )
  • SendMailEveryXHours: This will send an email with the following information to your address.

EA5Banner.3.blueborder copy.png

EA 5 Was the 5th Program I developed For Metatrader 4. As it's a grid trading system, you can choose the price you want to start at, and whether it  buys above, sells above, sells below, or buy below. You can choose all 4 together or just one, for instance, if you want to buy above the start only, turn the other options to false and it will only buy above the start price.  The first Purchase point will be the Gap Size in Pips ( Of your Choice ) from the EA start point, and a purchase will occur at each consecutive level of the Gap Size, as seen on charts below. It will only purchase once per level. There will be an EA I release in the near future that can do recurring trades per level.  Another Option on EA 5 is to set an overall Stop Loss / Take Profit  from the start point.    An option to have a SL/TP in pips at each grid level. This Can be turned on or off. Please note that the SL/TP will be the same at each level. On my next EA there will be an option of an independent SL/Tp at each level. Stop Loss in terms of risking account percentage per trade is a parameter of on or off. The Amount of hours from start time till EA closes can be set as well. On the left hand of the page I will go through each parameter.


Risk Disclaimer:

Historical performance of a currency trading EA  cannot be indicative of future results. Currency Trading offers great profit potential, but also includes a large risk potential, Trading with EA 5 may not be suitable for all individuals. The high leverage available in the Forex Market can work against you as well as for you. As they say, Do not invest more than you can afford to lose. Before getting started with EA 5, you should consider your investment goals, objectives, trading experience and your personal risk appetite. You should be aware of the existing possibility that you could lose some or, in the worst case, all of your financial investment. For this reason, Forex Trading should only be considered with risk capital. The definition of risk capital is the funds that are not necessary to the survival or well being of the user.  Make  yourself aware of all possible  risks associated with trading currencies on margin. If you have any doubts or concerns you should seek advice form an independent financial advisor.  By using EA 5, you agree to hold Forex Camel personnel and all individuals  involved in the production, development, distribution EA 5 Expert Advisor free of any responsibility. Any live trading you do, you are doing at your own discretion and risk.