Send Email With Metatrader

How to set up and send metatrader emails.

How To Set Up MetaTrader Email

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Step 1:  Sign up for a free SMTP2GO account.

Step 2:  Open MetaTrader, open the tools tab, and click on options.

Step 3: Click the email tab. 

Step 4:  Check enable box.

Step 5:  Change the SMTP server to   Note that port numbers 25, 8025, and 587 work as well.

Step 6:  Enter your SMTP Username into the SMTP login, and your SMTP Password into the  SMTP password.

Step 7. Enter your from and to email and click the test button.

If it fails to work.  1. Close MetaTrader. 2.  Delete the “email.ini” file in your MetaTrader “config” folder. 3. Open MetaTrader and Re-enter email information.